Midwest Sky Sports c1 Rotax Repair & Maintenance

Rotax Repair & Maintenance

As one of Michigan’s few Rotax Repair Centres, we have a certified independent Rotax Maintenance Technician (iRMT) on staff. Rotax stands for performance, reliability, low fuel consumption, and reduced emissions.

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  1. Good morning Will be traveling to Michigan next month and may be interested in stopping by your location.
    For the moment, I have a question regarding my Rotax 912. Which is new to me since prior I had a continental in my Cessna before buying an Experimental. LSA
    Electrical – I’m sure this is not new to you but looking for some friendly advice.
    I put a new battery in and keep it on a float charger. Without any equipment running the steam gauge (stock Rotax steam gauge) shows in the green between 13 -14 .
    When I turn on the beacon and nav lights it drops to just above 12. when I activate the landing light it drops to between 12 -11.
    Note: the stock Rotax gauge shows 11 and 12 in yellow range on their gauge.
    Does this mean the generator is not providing enough power out or is this a normally characteristic? Before I fly any distance, I wanted to make sure.

    1. Kirk,

      Thanks for your comment! If you’d like to visit the facility please call the main line at (810) 358-5934.

      To answer your question, are you watching your voltmeter when you are at high or low RPM? At low RPM, the generator is not yet producing enough electricity to keep up with the demand of the electrical equipment. The generator only produces full power above 5000 RPM. At around 3000 RPM it’s producing roughly 15 amps which in most cases is just barely enough to keep a charge. Try your scenario again but at a higher engine power such as 4000 RPM then see if your voltage is acceptable.

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