Midwest Sky Sports Build Assist

Build Assist



Our Build Assist Program was specifically formulated to steer our customers through the build process in a way they can understand and –  more importantly – in a way they can enjoy. We’re here to make sure that customers in the Build Assist Program don’t have to worry about any obstacles or setbacks during the construction of their new aircraft. At Midwest Sky Sports, we pride ourselves on removing any and all unknown or unforeseen roadblocks.

We’re here to help you understand the process of the build and all that goes into the construction of your aircraft. Our team supports customers throughout the entirety of the process – 100% of the way. Our goal is to ensure that you’re intimately familiar with aspects of your Sling Aircraft that would otherwise be impossible if you’d simply purchased a pre-assembled Sling. We subscribe to the belief that competent pilots know their aircraft inside and out. That’s where we come in. 

Along with our team’s decades’ worth of combined expertise, Midwest Sky Sports provides customers with a facility specifically designed to make your experience as smooth and stress-free as possible. Our 7,000-square foot build center facility offers customers a kitchen area, offices, and a pilot lounge. Each Build Assist Program enrollee is teamed up with one of our experienced staff members during their stay, providing the most educational and memorable experience possible.

Our maintenance facility is a 2,700-square foot building that services an overwhelming majority of the midwest United States’ light-sport and ultralight aircraft community. Many of our customers come from far and wide because of our steadfast commitment to quality. 

Our state-of-the-art paint facility is designed to house complete and assembled aircraft, allowing the best design scheme possible. The paint facility is heated, ventilated and well-lit, with quality products that afford the best custom finishes in aviation.

Above all else, our ultimate goal is to provide customers with safety-driven service and sales, unmatched quality, and decades’ worth of experience in aviation maintenance. The work we do is driven by our clients’ imagination and executed by seasoned professionals.

Sling Aircraft is one of the most trusted names in experimental aircraft. Our extensive experience allows us to build your aircraft with a laser-like focus on quality and safety – all while keeping your budget top of mind. Midwest Sky Sports team members provide customers with a number of services and offerings that include design consultation, system integration, and much more. We work hand-in-hand with each of our customers, guaranteeing satisfaction, quality, and – above all – safety. 

build assist benefits


1. Build space, all required tools, safety equipment, etc.

2. All required parts

3. Qualified Sling Aircraft technicians who are assigned to supervise and oversee all aspects of your build, including:

– Airframe Construction

– Firewall Forward, Engine and Prop installation

– Avionics and Instrument Panel installation

– Electrics installation

– Interior customisation and installation

– Paint Scheme Design and final priming and paint

– Fit and Finish of all components

– Systems installation and testing

– Inspections and sign-off of on all steps in the progress of the build

4. Initial test flights of your completed aircraft 

5. Service and Maintenance training on your aircraft

6. Assistance with your aircraft documentation and compliance with requirements for registration

7. Assistance with arrangements and logistics should you wish to fly the aircraft from the factory back home